Office Interior Design Trends In 2013

interior tips 2If you are going to open your first office or a new branch, or simply if you wish to renovate your office (from small touches to major structural changes), there is a number of office interior design trends to keep in mind that could help you create a better environment and impress your clients or business partners.
The concept of good office interiors has drastically changed in the last years because it had to adapt to new emerging criteria such as comfort, functionality, modern design, eco-friendliness and new space configurations.
Here are some of the top trends we’re seeing in 2013 which you can incorporate into your office space planning.

Modern and Linear Furniture Design

The newest trend in the market is minimalist office furniture with good structure, sleek lines, modern finishes and uncluttered surfaces, which complements open spaces better than complicated designs or antique pieces of furniture and which better reflects the current need of being both efficient and effective. While modern furniture can be considered more expensive, in the last years it has actually become much more affordable than it was before.

Bold Colouring

interior tips 1Colours help liven up your space and create a more relaxed environment. A minimalist design usually makes use of no more than two colours, which tend to create an airy and fresh atmosphere helping your staff focus on their work. 2013 trendy colour combinations involve interesting and bold pops of colour or clashing shades of colour, such as the traditional black and white or more bright colours, such as white and flamingo pink or white and green pea.


Comfortable Ergonomic Furniture

Office furniture does not have to just look good. Now more than ever, ergonomic design and comfort in the workplace are fundamental for both staff and clients/partners. Employees know how tiring and dangerous it can be to sit in the same position during the entire working day. The latest products available on the market, such as ergonomic chairs with adjustable arms and head rests or height adjustable desks, promote correct posture and healthier habits and are a good choice for any company willing to create the best possible working environment.

Integrated Top-notch Furniture

The outside world is becoming more and more connected and so should a comfortable workplace. Office furniture with integrated technology is a growing trend and products now offer features like built-in charging docks, speakers, power outlets and areas where to hide cords and wires, not only in areas like meeting and conference rooms, where this has been quite common in the last years, but also in traditional or open space offices with advanced desks and cupboards.

Creative Storage Solutions

Space is a critical element of any office and it may change completely how the office looks. This year, the trend is organize and de-clutter, done by adding storage spaces at different levels (floor, desk, shelf, ceiling-suspended items) and we suggest to use coloured bins and baskets matching other office details so that you’ll add a creative and fun touch.

Eco-friendly Furniture

While style and comfort are of utmost importance, consumers are looking for quality eco-friendly furniture made of durable materials like wood, tempered glass and metal finishes. Quality helps your image and improves the chances that your office won’t need to be replaced for a while; in addition, eco-friendliness is in line with the values of modern companies which make extra efforts to avoid any unnecessary damage to the environment. Environmentally-friendly practices also include the use of LED lights, non-toxic finishes and some product lines manufactured by companies donating part of their revenues to a certain eco-friendly cause or actively participating in eco-friendly activities.

Multi-purpose Areas

Lately, many companies have had to reconsider their financial spending, including the cost which a large office would involve. Smaller offices are part of the reasons why office designers now create areas which can be used for different purposes. For example, a relax area can also be used as a meeting area or a lunch area.

Greening up Your Space

Another trend is incorporating miniature gardens into your office space, covering walls with plants or including luscious green areas in your breakout room and reception area. Live plants add colour and liveliness to your workplace, making people feel in a less formal and cold environment.

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